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Accident Checklist
What To Do When You Are In An Accident
Dealing with accidents is not just about overcoming the emotional stress but also about making sure all of your legal rights are protected. While everyone is aware that an accident might happen anywhere and anytime, most people are not prepared when it actually does happen.

As personal injury lawyers, we understand that the sudden occurrence of an accident can leave you clueless and confused. More importantly, if a person has not fully healed or is confused after an accident, insurance companies may use this against the victim or their family.

The Walton Law Firm provides this Client Instruction Sheet so that victims of car accidents and their family can have a general idea of what is expected after a car accident.
Avoid Talking To Anyone Except Our Attorneys
When it comes to legal issues, anything you do or say can be used against you. We advise our clients not to reveal anything about the accident to anyone except The Walton Law Firm attorneys. Two things you should always keep in mind are:

  1. If someone claims to be one of our representatives, always ask for identification before speaking to them.
  2. If an insurance company representative wants to talk to you, do not engage in any kind of conversation before consulting us first.
Follow The Doctor's Instructions
Follow your doctor's instructions and trust them with complete information regarding your condition and injuries. Not only does this allow your doctor to offer you better treatment, it also helps them to completely analyze the impact and effect the accident had on your health and body.

If you are required to change your doctor or see another doctor, make sure you inform The Walton Law Firm attorneys and provide us with all the necessary details about your new physician.
Regular Contact With Our Office
We promise to stay by your side throughout the process of seeking compensation for your personal injury. However, this is not possible unless we receive complete cooperation from you. We ask that you trust us with all the information regarding your condition.

For that purpose, one of our representatives will call you on a regular basis. Make sure you provide us with clear and honest updates. Also, feel free to contact us at (770) 892-4600.
Provide Us With Complete And Exact Information
In order to deliver the best results, The Walton Law Firm attorneys will require complete information and contact details of all places from which you lost wages. Self-employed clients are asked to provide our office with at least two (2) years of your tax returns and any records that show lost earnings. We also request you to keep an accurate record of all days lost from work as a result of your injuries.
Keep Record Of Medical Bills
Legal compensation for personal injury cases also covers medical bills, prescriptions and fuel cost and all of the other expenses involved with recovery and medication. You should periodically send these bills to us for our files.

It is best to obtain and make duplicate copies of all medical, hospital and prescription bills you receive. Also keep a record of your mileage and any other expenses that you pay out and forward it to our office.
In Case Of Property Damage
Automobile accidents may not always just cause physical injury. Sometimes personal injury may also refer to the damage done to your property such as your vehicle or home. In such cases, send all copies of any pictures of your damaged vehicle or property damage estimates to the office.

For immediate consultation and help, you may speak to one of our attorneys at 770-892-4600. We are available 24/7.