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The Walton Law Firm
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The Story of Attorney Shonte Walton
Serving the state and people of Georgia for more than eight years, Attorney Shonte Walton founded The Walton Law Firm in 2006. Attorney Shonte Walton created the law firm with a vision to establish a firm that is strong in its principle, yet sincere in its goal to treat every client like they are "somebody." In a short span of time, the Walton Law firm has established itself as one of the premiere Social Security disability appeal and personal injury law firms in Georgia.

After receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Political Sciences from The University of Georgia, Attorney Shonte Walton graduated from Georgia State University College of Law in 2004. She started her career as an Assistant Public Defender until she founded the Walton Law Firm in 2006.

From a new and thriving law firm handling complex civil cases and real estate legal transactions, Attorney Shonte Walton eventually transformed her firm into a well-established institute specializing in personal injury and Social Security disability appeal cases.

Behind the success story of Attorney Shonte Walton and the Walton Law firm is an unwavering passion and commitment along with results that speak for themselves.
The Walton Law Firm – Our Principles
The principles of the Walton Law Firm are based on Attorney Shonte Walton's belief that personal injury cases require a different approach as compared to other cases.

For every individual client, the Walton Law Firm attorneys ensure that they are able to offer the following:
  • Relevant and meaningful information and knowledge regarding personal injury cases
  • Complete and comprehensive consultation
  • Sincere and honest legal advice and suggestions
  • Negotiations and interaction on the behalf of the client
If you are seeking personal injury compensation, The Walton Law Firm attorneys stand beside their clients throughout the entire process.

If you or a family member is involved in a car accident, you can call 770-892-4600 for a complete consultation and legal help.