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"In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems."

The Walton Law Firm proudly offers the people of the state of Georgia legal services with sincerity, honesty, truthfulness and justice. We are a full service law firm specializing in the area of Social Security disability appeals and personal injury cases.

In just over eight years, The Walton Law Firm has established its name as one of the most prestigious law firms in the greater Atlanta area. This has helped us expand our clientele and establish a strong network all across the state. What really sets us apart is not just our high quality legal service but the compassion and sincerity etched in our professional endeavors. Due to this reason, we are considered the foremost choice to handle personal injury cases.
Personal Injury
Personal injury may involve auto accidents, slip and fall cases, vicious dog attacks, motorcycle accidents or any other situation where you or your loved one suffers an injury due to negligence of others. In such unfortunate happenings, the victim or their family face a number of unexpected problems for which they may not be prepared to handle. Auto accidents can cause a huge dent in your finances, but why should you pay for something that you are not responsible for? That is where you will need a qualified, experienced and sincere Georgia personal injury attorney.

While nothing can completely take away the loss associated with automobile accidents, financial compensation can greatly minimize the trouble. As one of the best personal injury attorneys in Georgia, The Walton Law Firm wishes to minimize the impact serious injuries can have on our client's lives.
Nursing Home Neglect
A nursing home is a place people usually trust to take good care of their loved ones. Nursing homes in Georgia are bound by many state and federal laws that are established to ensure the adequate care and well being of their residents. However, there are cases when a resident might suffer from serious injuries due to the abuse or neglect of the nursing home staff.

If you or your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, please contact the Walton Law Firm to determine your legal rights. The Walton Law Firm attorneys have many years of experience representing victims or their families in these types of cases.
Slip & Fall Cases
Slip and fall incidents are quite common personal injury cases. In the United States, nearly 16,000 deaths are reported as a result of slip and fall accidents. In more than 70% of these cases, the accidents occur due to unsuitable and unsafe environment in workplaces or even public places such as shopping centers. Unfortunately, in most cases, victims are blamed for the accident and it becomes difficult for the victim to recover.

The Walton Law Firm attorneys are well aware of the tactics corporations and property owners use to blame victims for the accident. Our attorneys attempt to ensure that you or your loved one gets fair compensation for your injury or loss.

If you have a question regarding a personal injury related legal issue, you can call us immediately at 770-892-4600. Our extremely helpful attorneys are always willing to serve with the best legal advice and professional services.