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Personal Injury
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The qualification, experience and highly dedicated approach of our attorneys make the Walton Law Firm standout as one of the leading personal injury law firms in Georgia. From informal settlements to complex court cases, our attorneys help personal injury victims receive compensation for their injuries.

By legal definition, personal injury is any kind of harm or injury caused by someone else's negligence and lack of care. From death or disability of a loved one to property damage, a personal injury incident may have devastating consequences. Loss of employment, high medical bills, severe physiological impact and countless other factors may affect the future of the victims and their families. In such cases, financial compensation may contribute to an early rehabilitation and faster recovery.

Personal injury can be caused by a variety of reasons and unfortunate accidents. We hold an extensive level of expertise and experience in all kinds of personal injury cases. Some of the areas where our attorneys have truly excelled include:
Nursing Home Neglect
People trust medical professionals to take good care of their health and well-being. Even a slight act of negligence from nursing homes can result in major complications and injuries. Stories of negligence and lack of care in nursing homes have also become very common. The results of this negligence can range from emotional distress or physical injury to an untimely death. If you or your family member is a victim of such negligence, we will help you throughout the process of getting the compensation that you deserve.
Slip and Fall accidents
Slip and fall incidents usually occur on property owned by someone else such as a shopping center or gym. A major reason behind these accidents is a lack of safety measures on the property. If you happen to be a victim of a slip and fall accident due to lack of safety procedures, please contact us to help establish your rights.
Auto accidents (or hit and run)
According to statistics, auto accident are one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries in the United States. Many people suffer from injuries that leave them mentally or physically disabled for life. Moreover, in hit and run cases, finding the driver often becomes impossible. No matter, how complicated the situation gets, our attorneys will try to help you obtain a fair settlement.
Dog Bites
If you are attacked by a vicious dog while on another person's property then you may be able to recover from the property owner. Please contact us so that we can help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Through the years, we have strived hard to provide our clients with the most professional legal advice regarding their personal injury cases. For 24/7 professional help and advice, please call 770-892-4600 and talk to one of our dedicated attorney.